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Interior Road Trip

29 July 2016

With a week of free time, the trip started off on a trail to a lake near Merritt.

An hour on the trail proved worthwhile, as the lake peeked into view. Camp was setup and a campfire was promptly lit!

Delicious food was had.

I contemplated whether this was too much gear for one person and a dog. Thankfully the bed slide made it all easy to access!

After a few days at the lake I headed back to the open road and towards my next destination.

The next trail was even more intersting, and had some wildlife, to boot.

I climbed into and beyond the alpine, surrounded by lush forest and by spectacular mountains.

Meandering between the mountain side and (often) sheer drops, the trail climbed higher and higher.

Having reached my camping area, I set up the tent and went out to explore.

Liza stood guard the entire evening, and I was very thankful for that when she alerted me of an enormous grizzly bear that had crept up to within ~40m of camp. With a little encouragement from us both, the bear took off and didn't come back.

Heading back down the next day presented great views of the trail.