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Dog step to 2nd row seats

12 October 2021

As my dog is getting older, she's having trouble jumping up as high as she used to, so I decided to make a step to the 2nd row seat.

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LX570 crate and drawer

01 February 2020

This project changed-up my rear-drawer setup to remove the drawer platform, and replace it with a custom-built dog crate, along with a single drawer on the side.

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LX570 drawers

01 February 2019

The drawers project started off with construction of a "base plate" that will be attached to the LX, and will hold the drawers themselves. The base plate was made from 1/2" baltic birch plywood, and the frame from 3/4". Cut-outs were added for some minor weight savings.

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Tacoma electrical box

01 June 2017

Any extended use of a truck will involve electrical accessories, and it's important to be able to easily (and properly!) connect them.

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Tacoma bed drawer

01 May 2016

The second project for my Tacoma was a storage drawer and sleeping platform for the truck bed.

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