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6x12 Cargo Trailer Conversion Summary blog

23 April 2023

The trailer base is a 2017 Mirage 6x12 cargo trailer. I have been working on this conversion since October of 2022, doing absolutely everything myself, and have put in well over 550 hours of work into it.

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Wood stove gear

15 November 2021

Winter camping brings with it the challenges of sub-freezing temperatures. We've previously tent camped without heating in as low as -24C, but this year we decided to make such trips a bit more comfortable by adding a quality, canvas tent (on the way!) and wood stove for heat.

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Exploring Kootenay Forest Service Roads adventures

19 April 2020

Today we went exploring an area we've long been interested in. We found a myriad of FSRs leading into the mountains & along small rivers, as well as numerous recreation sites nested throughout. We'll have to come back in the summer and spend a few nights along these great views!

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LX570 crate and drawer projects

01 February 2020

This project changed-up my rear-drawer setup to remove the drawer platform, and replace it with a custom-built dog crate, along with a single drawer on the side.

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Free Spirit Recreation (FSR) M60 Adventure Series Tent Review gear

14 November 2019

The Free Spirit Reaction (FSR) M60 Adventure Series is our second roof top tent, after having previously had a James Baroud Explorer hard-shell. We got the tent second hand, with a trailer purchased this past spring. In that time we've used it on a dozen short trips, and the tent has impressed!

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inReach billing tip blog

14 November 2019

I've been using DeLorne (now Garmin) inReach for a few years, relying on it to keep me in contract when I am far from cellular reception. It's an excellent tool, and I discovered there's a way to save on the monthly service costs between trips to keep the service costs very economical.

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Autumn in the Kootenays adventures

09 November 2019

This weekend we headed east, hoping to find plenty of snow to camp in. We planned on exploring an area near the massive Arrow Lakes in the central Kootenays, and quickly found a suitable-looking forest service road to take us away from the highway and into more remote backcountry.

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Camping in Okanagan adventures

01 November 2019

We hadn't gone camping for a few months and we were itching to get out into the woods. Early November presented an opportunity to do just that, at a nearby lake just an hour from home.

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Camping in central Kootenays adventures

27 July 2019

At the end of July we (yet again) headed into the Kootenays, but this time the central area. The first night was spent at a pullout off a quiet FSR, but on day two we found a wonderful, secluded spot right on the water. Other than some day-time users of the lake, we had the spot all to ourselves.

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LX570 drawers projects

01 February 2019

The drawers project started off with construction of a "base plate" that will be attached to the LX, and will hold the drawers themselves. The base plate was made from 1/2" baltic birch plywood, and the frame from 3/4". Cut-outs were added for some minor weight savings.

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James Baroud Tent Review - Problems gear

24 February 2018

In 2017 I purchased a brand new James Baroud Explorer hard-shell roof top tent. It was just the right size and was incredibly quick to setup and tear down. It was supposed to be of the highest quality on the market, so despite the very high (~$4000 USD) price tag, I made the plunge. Coincidentally, a friend of mine bought an identical, new tent a month later.

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Cabin Lake Attempt adventures

23 October 2017

Not wanting to give up on fall just yet, we decided to head to Cabin Lake for the weekend. With beautiful sunshine in Vancouver, we underestimated just what we were getting into this late in the season.

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Enders Aluminium Cases gear

31 July 2017

Eight-month update: the cases have held up very well to numerous road trips, across all kinds of terrain. From Death Valley's washboard roads, to being snowed on in -24C temperatures, the cases are no worse for wear. Very happy with them, and highly recommend them as a great alternative to much more expensive options.

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