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Camping in Okanagan

01 November 2019

We hadn't gone camping for a few months and we were itching to get out into the woods. Early November presented an opportunity to do just that, at a nearby lake just an hour from home.

A fire is an essential part of any camping trip, so the first stop was to find some deadfall, cut it up and load both the Trasharoo and the basket. With that done, we settled in at our campsite only minutes later.

With firewood unloaded, camp was quickly set up. Nearby trees showed obvious indicators of bears in the neighbourhood, so keeping a clean campsite was as important as ever.

The frozen lake, combined with partially submerged branches made for some great views.

As darkness fell, temperatures dropped, and we kept warm around a roaring fire.

The night brought a sprinkling of snowfall, covering the frozen lake and greatly improving traction, so Liza went exploring.

In the meantime, we enjoyed a hot and filling serving of Vareniki for breakfast.

I chopped a large hole in the ice to both warm up, and get access to some fresh water. Ice thickness was around 10cm - plenty thick enough to walk on.

Puppy eyes were on point while lunch was being prepared.

And sunshine finally peeked out just as we packed up to leave.