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D-Flite Tack Box (Chuck Box)

12 June 2018

The Chris Christensen D-Flite 400 Standard Tack Box is meant for dog grooming supplies, but it also doubles as a great starting point for a chuck/kitchen box.

D-Flite Chuck Box

All aluminum construction, rivited together (ie. easy to modify for your needs), comes in two sizes with a few drawer options for each size. I was going to convert a Pelican-like hard case to transport my kitchen goods (sans stove), but this looks to be a considerably better starting point. And the price is a heck of a lot more accessible than some other aluminum chuck boxes on the market.

At 16" long, 11" wide, and 16" tall, it should be large enough to hold everything I need, and not be excessive in size. And since it's aluminum, it'll be light and should last forever.

I ordered this basic (16"-wide, 1-drawer) model. I intend to use the drawer for basic utensils, and the top tray for larger kitchen hardware. The round bar across the top of the lid can be used to hang towels. Basuc aluminum angle iron and 1/4" plywood could be used to make dividers, and possibly other modifications.

The box arrived very well packed, and with zero damage. Great build quality; literally zero problems. Fantastic mirror finish. Solid, quality latches and handle. Nicely done rivets (easy to remove/modify as needed). Fits everything we need without a breaking a sweat. Even closes with a cutting board left in place.

D-Flite Chuck Box

D-Flite Chuck Box

After some seven months of use, the chuck box is still in fantastic condition, and has proven to be of excellent use without any modifications. Highly recommended!