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Roll-a-cot cots

14 November 2021

The little-known Roll-a-cot cots by CampTime just may be the best cots money can buy.

I was recently searching for a cot that fit very specific dimensions: it had to be between 74" and 77" long, and around 31-32" wide. The intent was to have cots that would comfortably fit our Exped Megamat 10LXW mattresses, without being excessively large in either dimension. This proved to be quite a challenging requirement: I reviewed every single cot on over twenty online and local retailers and came up blank.

By pure luck I came across a discussion (on which mentioned the Roll-a-cot cots, and this is where I struck gold.

Not only does CampTime offer a cot that's 74" long and 32" wide, (there are also many other sizes available) but it has a myriad of other excellent upsides to it.

Roll-a-cot cot.

The first unique aspect is the pocket which allows you to slide in a thin, inflatable mattress. Using this pocket, your mattress would stay in place. A great feature to have!

The folded cot is very compact, and weighs only 10lbs. Contrast this to other options which frequently fold to three to five times the volume, and can weigh as much as 30lbs.

Assembly is quick and easy, and the carrying bag attaches to the cot and doubles as a set of pockets for small items.

Roll-a-cot cot.

The quality is superb. Perfect stitching throughout, well thought-through construction that is light, strong, and will not rust. Every component is available for purchase individually. Made fully in Spokane, WA, the cots were in the mail, on their way to Canada (with very reasonable shipping costs!) within 12 hours of the order.

Hand-adjustable cot tension is a simple, but very nice touch!

Roll-a-cot cot.

Roll-a-cot cot.

The two-leg design allows for tons of storage underneath the cot. The rubber end caps on the feet will not damage your tent's floor.

Roll-a-cot cot.

Most importantly, the cots are incredibly comfortable even without a mattress! Since there are no cross-bars at either end, your feet and head are not pushed up from the depression your body/weight makes in the fabric, and you can lay truly level. Similarly, there are no cross-bars for your legs or head to touch.

It turned out that while the Exped Megamat 10LXW is labeled as being 30" wide, it is actually 32". This results in a good, but not perfect match for the size of the cots. Nonetheless, the combination of this mattress and cot will undoubtably result in superb comfort.