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LX570 crate and drawer

01 February 2020

This project changed-up my rear-drawer setup to remove the drawer platform, and replace it with a custom-built dog crate, along with a single drawer on the side.

Like the rear-drawers project, everything started off with a base plate. It was then carpeted, and L-tracks were attached for a trial run.

The base plate was attached to original seat hardware using these u-bolt type clamps I found at the local Home Depot (in the rope section).

I then built a side drawer, and a separate top-plate that bolts to the drawer itself. This plate extends over the wheel well, allowing for maximum storage space. I later added a series of D-ring tie downs to both the plate and the side of the drawer.

The drawer and top-plate are both covered in several layers of Herculiner - a tough, durable truck-bed coating.

Despite its narrow size, the drawer is quite voluminous and fits a significant amount of gear.

On top of the drawer I'm able to fit, and individually tie-down the following:

  • Yeti 35QT cooler.
  • Four 20L jerry/water cans.
  • 10lb propane tank.